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Restless legs syndrome linked to erectile dysfunction

It will be characterized by unpleasant sensations like pulling or perhaps creeping that usually strike at night, when muscles are relaxed.

By Brenda Goodman,WebMD Wellness Information

Reviewed simply by Louise Chang, MD

2011 WebMD, LLC.. These sensations typically compel sufferers to move to always be able to relieve their own discomfort.

A prior study, printed inside 2010 by the same team, discovered a strong relationship among restless legs syndrome and also ED inside a significant taste associated with older men.

But because which research just looked a new snapshot inside time, investigators couldn't be certain which usually problem came first, a factor that could hint in the approach they are generally related.

Study researcher Xiang Gao, MD, PhD, assistant professor of drugs from H arvard School plus an associate epidemiologist from Brigham and Women's Hospital inside Boston, says he thinks which reduced dopamine levels might end up being to blame pertaining to both condi…

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